Colour and texture are MATCHIMATCHI core principles. Each design series is curated from a harmonious blend of colours, tones, textures and shapes.


Polished Leaf is a dark green with depth. The velvet pile creates all the light and dark shades that you see on a shiny house plant leaf.

Jewel Lawn is a grassy green velvet akin to the perfectly manicured grounds of a stately home. This colour sits comfortably with muted pinks or compliments brighter tones, whilst the velvet adds richness to a more natural combination.

Nordic Night is the same deep blue of a starry sky. A linen shade that combines nicely with pinks, greens and greys for a fresh Skandi feel or adds a drier, matt finish within more vibrant combinations.

Royal Loafer is a dark and regal blue, reminiscent of a prince’s slipper. An interior’s staple colour that can be lifted by more luminous colours or made even more luxurious with our metallic drums.

Dinmont Pepper is so called after a family Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Brushing the velvet reveals all the peppery shades that can be found in a Dandie’s coat. A perfect mid grey or dark silver that goes with just about any other colour.

Roseate Dusk contains all the dusty pink shades of a whispy, setting sky. A soft velvet fabric that compliments more natural tones and linen shades or add warmth to a cooler, lighter palette.

Burnt Honey is a warm and golden velvet with a caramelised accent. Heat it up with our Burnished Brass or cool it down with the silvery grey of Dinmont Pepper. Another versatile shade that can play a part in any colour combination.

Dachshund Tan comes from another furry friend of ours! A warm earthy tone that pops next to darker colours or compliments a natural palette just as well.

Rusted Rock is a hot orangey red similar to the iron rock of Ularu. A striking hot and earthy colour that grabs attention as a single colour block or a vibrant break when combined with darker shades.

Velaa Sea is a fresh and bright blue, reflective of clear Maldivian waters. As with these exotic isles this opulent velvet is a perfect match to both warm, bright and natural shades.