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Our full range of lamp shade colours are shown below and are available within:

Dinmont Pepper Velvet

Dinmont Pepper is so called after a family Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Brushing the velvet reveals all the peppery shades that can be found in a Dandie's coat. A perfect mid grey or dark silver that goes with just about any other colour.

Dachshund Tan Velvet

Dachshund Tan comes from another furry friend of ours! A warm earthy tone that pops next to darker colours or compliments a natural palette just as well.

Royal Loafer Velvet

Royal Loafer is a dark and regal blue, reminiscent of a prince’s slipper. An interior’s staple colour that can be lifted by more luminous colours or made even more luxurious with our metallic drums.

Polished Leaf Velvet

Polished Leaf is a dark green with depth. The velvet pile creates all the light and dark shades that you see on a shiney house plant leaf.

Roseate Dusk Velvet

Roseate Dusk contains all the dusty pink shades of a whispy, setting sky. A soft velvet fabric that compliments more natural tones and linen shades or adds warmth to a cooler, lighter palette.

Jewel Lawn Velvet

Jewel Lawn is a grassy green velvet akin to the perfectly manicured grounds of a stately home. This colour sits comfortably with muted pinks or compliments brighter tones, whilst the velvet adds richness to a more natural combination.

Last Dark Velvet

Last Dark is a tone of grey reminiscent of night turning to day. Not pitch-dark, nor noticeably light. An ideal shade for moody interiors or complimentary to brighter pops of colour.

Burnt Honey Velvet

Burnt Honey is a warm and golden velvet with a caramelised accent. Heat it up with our Burnished Brass or cool it down with the silvery grey of Dinmont Pepper. Another versatile shade that can play a part in any colour combination.

Rusted Rock Velvet

Rusted Rock is a hot orangey red similar to the iron rock of Ularu. A striking hot and earthy colour that grabs attention as a single colour block or a vibrant break when combined with darker shades.

Clover Dew Linen

Clover Dew is a wonderfully natural green. When in daylight it can display a silvery green hue similar to that of a clover leaf in the morning. Complimentary to warmer tones and a perfect shot of colour in more natural interiors.

Mallard's Crown Linen

Mallard's Crown is the same beautiful blue green that bounces of a drake's head as he swims in the sun. On our linen cotton the matt finish tones down the shade, letting it pair with any other fabric and particularly well with our polished metallic drums.

Nordic Night Linen

Nordic Night is the same deep blue of a starry sky. A linen shade that combines nicely with pinks, greens and greys for a fresh Skandi feel or adds a drier, matt finish within more vibrant combinations.

Toasted Tiles Linen

Toasted Tiles is a warm and vibrant terracotta. Conjuring images of hot mediterranean roof tops in mid summer. A natural tone that matches to any bright shade, pairs with rattan, or cuts through a more dark and opulent palette.

Palace Posy Linen

Palace Posy is a fresh imperial pink. Light and soft but rich in tone. An essential in our complimentary palette; this versatile linen shade effortlessly pairs with every shade in our collection.

Velaa Sea Velvet

Velaa Sea is a fresh and bright blue, reflective of clear Maldivian waters. As with these exotic isles this opulent velvet is a perfect match to both warm, bright and natural shades.

Cloudy Lake Corduroy

Cloudy Lake is a calming shade of dark grey. The corduroy stripes create tones that echo ripples in the water darkened by a stormy sky. This fabric adds depth to any combination, helping to contrast brights or add texture to moody tones

Cosy Rosy Corduroy

Cosy Rosy is a warm and dusty pink. Corduroy textures recreate shaded and highlighted tones of layered rose petals. Available on our drum shades this fabric is an ideal trim to keep a cosy scheme fresh.

Curling Fern Corduroy

Curling Fern is a dark and earthy green. The corduroy fabric enhances the shades and depth of colouring seen in the unravelling of a new leaf. An ideal pairing to natural and plush interiors a like.

Baked Berry Corduroy

Baked Berry is a rich, autumnal corduroy. It is a vibrant hue of mixed berries and a luxurious texture to add to your interior.