A Life Less Dull

The MATCHIMATCHI lampshade is simple. It is fun. It indulges our constant need to update and refresh without needing to pander to our ’throw-away’ culture. It enables creativity: it can add colour, texture, form, personality and flare to any space. It is sophisticated in its very simplicity.


We have developed a lampshade that takes everything good about the shade and solves everything that is bad. A shade that can be changed and updated without even having to switch the light off. A lampshade that can grow, shrink, change shape, change colour, change appearance and constantly evolve with the times. A product that isn’t a hassle or an expense to put up or take down; that can be in one room one day and in another the next.



“We have enjoyed every minute of creating it, adding to it, playing around with it and we love seeing the intrigue and realisation in peoples faces when they start creating their own”



The possibilities for this product are endless and so to should the life of it be. It can evolve from day to day or year to year. If a restaurant wanted to celebrate an event or theme, then with our shade you can add a layer of colour to match that occasion. If you choose to decorate your room then our shade can be updated at the same time. Or in fact, don’t decorate your room and let our shade be the difference, the change, the refresh.

We have given the shade a new life, a longer life. A life that has the ability to add constant intrigue and endless reward. A life less dull.