Toasted Tiles is a warm and vibrant terracotta. Conjuring images of hot mediterranean roof tops in mid summer. A natural tone that matches to any bright shade, pairs with rattan, or burts through a more dark and opulent palette.
Rusted Rock is a hot orangey red similar to the iron rock of Ularu. A striking hot and earthy colour that grabs attention as a single colour block or a vibrant break when combined with darker shades.
Dachshund Tan comes from another furry friend of ours! A warm earthy tone that pops next to darker colours or compliments a natural palette just as well.
Burnt Honey is a warm and golden velvet with a caramelised accent. Heat it up with our Burnished Brass or cool it down with the silvery grey of Dinmont Pepper. Another versatile shade that can play a part in any colour combination.