Toasted Tiles is a warm and vibrant terracotta. Conjuring images of hot mediterranean roof tops in mid summer. A natural tone that matches to any bright shade, pairs with rattan, or burts through a more dark and opulent palette.
Palace Posy is a fresh imperial pink. Light and soft but rich in tone. An essential in our complimentary palette; this versatile linen shade effortlessly pairs with every shade in our collection.
Nordic Night is the same deep blue of a starry sky. A linen shade that combines nicely with pinks, greens and greys for a fresh Skandi feel or adds a drier, matt finish within more vibrant combinations.
Mallard’s Crown is the same beautiful blue green that bounces of a drake’s head as he swims in the sun. On our linen cotton the matt finish tones down the shade, letting it pair with any other fabric and particularly well with our polished metallic drums.
Clover Dew is a wonderfully natural green. When in daylight it can display a silvery green hue similar to that of a clover leaf in the morning. Complimentary to warmer tones and a perfect shot of colour in more natural interiors.