Polished Leaf is a dark green with depth. The velvet pile creates all the light and dark shades that you see on a shiny house plant leaf.
Jewel Lawn is a grassy green velvet akin to the perfectly manicured grounds of a stately home. This colour sits comfortably with muted pinks or compliments brighter tones, whilst the velvet adds richness to a more natural combination.
Curling Fern is a dark and earthy green. The corduroy fabric enhances the shades and depth of colouring seen in the unravelling of a new leaf. An ideal pairing to natural and plush interiors a like.
Mallard’s Crown is the same beautiful blue green that bounces of a drake’s head as he swims in the sun. On our linen cotton the matt finish tones down the shade, letting it pair with any other fabric and particularly well with our polished metallic drums.
Clover Dew is a wonderfully natural green. When in daylight it can display a silvery green hue similar to that of a clover leaf in the morning. Complimentary to warmer tones and a perfect shot of colour in more natural interiors.