Baked Berry is a rich, autumnal corduroy. It is a vibrant hue of mixed berries and a luxurious texture to add to your interior.

Cosy Rosy is a warm and dusty pink. Corduroy textures recreate shaded and highlighted tones of layered rose petals. Available on our drum shades this fabric is an ideal trim to keep a cosy scheme fresh.

Cloudy Lake is a calming shade of dark grey. The corduroy stripes create tones that echo ripples in the water darkened by a stormy sky. This fabric adds depth to any combination, helping to contrast brights or add texture to moody tones.

Curling Fern is a dark and earthy green. The corduroy fabric enhances the shades and depth of colouring seen in the unravelling of a new leaf. An ideal pairing to natural and plush interiors a like.