MATCHIMATCHI was designed and developed by the lighting design duo Scarlett Hampton and Niki Wright. They joined Niki’s expertise in developing form and function with Scarlett’s flare for shape, texture and colour to produce a truly ‘creative enabling’ design.
“Our main aim was to develop a product that allowed the individual to create their own design. A design that could be changed or updated with their interior style, their colour scheme or even their mood!”

The MATCHIMATCHI pair have more than 20 years combined experience within lighting, interior design and retail. They understand that not one product fits all and yet they are also well aware that the trusted shade is here to stay.

“The lampshade has been with us for years. Generally speaking it is a quick solution. A product that is easy to install, easy to replace but often too easy to throw away. We wanted to change that”.

One of the challenges they faced when developing the first MATCHIMATCHI design series was making the product so adaptable. The end product not only needed to physically adapt and change and reconnect, it had to do that aesthetically too. Shape, form, function, texture and colour have all been carefully orchestrated.

“We have always had to consider those main elements when designing and developing new products. However, it is rare that every aspect is catered for in one product. Our pendants do just that. It is so satisfying to see people not only realise how they work, but also get excited about their own combinations”.

MATCHIMATCHI brings together light and shade, form and function, colour and texture. It also brings together the skills, passion and excitement of a duo with ambition. This is a young and vibrant lighting brand with a wealth of knowledge and experience...and that sounds like a perfect match(i)!