Generally speaking, the trusted lampshade has for centuries served a purpose, a function, to diffuse light and to reduce glare.

In more recent times, the shade has always been a ‘throw-away’ lighting solution within millions of homes, hotels and restaurants. A less considered purchase than a chandelier lets say.
So why would such a popular lighting solution, that hangs in the centre of so many living rooms, or above so many dining tables, be given the least amount of thought by the people who make them and the people who buy them?

Our brief was as simple as the problem. Take the thing that everybody wants and allow it to be whatever they want it to be.

We at MATCHIMATCHI have developed a lampshade that takes everything good about the shade and solves everything that is bad. A shade that can be changed and updated with out even having to switch the light off.

A lampshade that can grow, shrink, change shape, change colour, change appearance and constantly evolve with the times. A product that isn’t a hassle to put up or take down; that can be in one room one day and in another the next.
Combine whatever colour, with whatever fabric and in whatever size and shape you want...and best of all, if you ever get bored of it, change it without buying something else.

Add a different colour, a different shape or simply rearrange what you have and make it new again.

Endlessly Creative. Luxury Lighting. 

MATCHIMATCHI is a patented design.

MatchiMatchi - Customisable lampshade - UK brand