Terracotta with its multitude of earthy tones and matt textures is the perfect trend to add warmth to an interior. The lighter tones match perfectly with blush pinks, rattan and yellows, while the darker, richer orange tones can be used with deep jewel accents to create opulence. 
We have paired the terracotta and blush tones from our MATCHIMATCHI palette to create some soft lampshade combinations with warmth and texture. 

The rich tones of our Dachshund Tan velvet perfectly compliment the lighter, smoother hues of our Palace Posy blush linen and Toasted Tiles terracotta linen lampshades. (photo credit decoration.com)

Image above - The Small One (top_bottom) Dachshund Tan Velvet & Toasted Tiles Terracotta Linen.

The Tall One (top-bottom) Palace Posy Blush Linen, Dachshund Tan Velvet & Toasted Tiles Terracotta Linen. 

The Waisted One (top-bottom) Toasted Tiles Terracotta Linen, Dachshund Tan Velvet, Toasted Tiles Terracotta Linen & Palace Posy Blush Linen.

The Convex One (top-bottom) Palace Posy Blush Linen, Toasted Tiles Terracotta Linen & Dachshund Tan Velvet.