A minimalistic room with clean, white walls is the perfect neutral canvas for some vibrant pops of primary tones. 

Image credit: non sono qui

Here's a few joyful MATCHIMATCHI shade combinations we think would make this interior really pop! 


The Tall One (top-bottom) Clover Dew Linen, Toasted Tiles Linen, Palace Posy Linen & Burnt Honey Velvet. 

Tessellating shades - The Concave One & The Convex One.

Right (top - bottom) Palace Posy Linen, Burnt Honey Velvet & Palace Posy Linen. Middle (top-bottom) Clover Dew Linen, Palace Posy Linen & Clover Dew Linen.

The Zigzag One - (top - bottom) Palace Posy Linen, Rusted Rock Velvet, Palace Posy Linen & Rusted Rock Velvet.

The Convex One - (top-bottom) Burnt Honey Velvet, Palace Posy linen & Burnt Honey Velvet.

The Big One - (top to bottom) Palace Posy Linen, Clover Dew Linen & Toasted Tiles Linen.