As summer is upon us we are thinking about fresh, natural colour palettes. For our Palace Garden colour curation we have taken inspiration from ornate architecture and leafy palace gardens. The calming, subtle tone of our Palace Posy blush pink linen and the rich green of our Jewel Lawn velvet and Curling Fern corduroy can be used to create a soft and gentle lampshade pendant. 

We have added brushed brass for a hint of opulence.  

Left - right The Big One, The Small One, The Waisted One & The Zigzag One.

The Big One - (top-bottom)

Jewel Lawn green velvet, Palace Posy blush pink linen & Curling Fern green corduroy.

The Small One - (top-bottom)

Curling Fern green corduroy, Jewel Lawn green velvet & Palace Posy blush pink linen.

The Waisted One - (top-bottom)

Palace Posy blush pink linen, Jewel Lawn green velvet,  Palace Posy blush pink linen & Curling Fern green corduroy. 

The Zigzag One - (top-bottom)

Brushed Brass metal & Palace Posy blush pink linen.